Message of the Mayor

Welcome to the Municipality of Urbiztondo, Province of Pangasinan!

            In full recognition and realization of the need for timely, relevant and reliable source of information, this official website has been put up by our Local Government. It is also intended to serve as a valuable means of connecting and in reaching out to you, our Kababayans and clients wherever you are in this global information village.

            As we embark in making history through service which is anchored on the time-honored principles of responsive leadership, transparent and accountable governance, let me assure you that this website will be made as useful and as relevant as it should be in providing news, describing events and in showing the best of Urbiztondonian culture.

            I therefore deeply and sincerely appreciate you for having visited us. Kindly please help me in extending the invitation to your family members, to your friends and to everyone to do the same for them to be kept informed and updated, too.


God Bless you!