Vision for Urbiztondo

Vision for Urbiztondo

“A fast-growing agro-industrial Municipality where God-loving people enjoy a safer and better quality of life inspired by a responsive leadership that actively promotes efficient, accountable  and  transparent  local governance fully supported by environmentally-caring citizens in attaining a 1st class municipal status by Year 2025”.



The Local Government of Urbiztondo shall faithfully serve its citizens and its clients, respect their rights and privileges and respond to their collective needs and expectations in promoting their general welfare.



In order to carry out the above Vision and Mission, the Local Government of Urbiztondo shall:

  1. Initiate and implement plans, programs, projects and activities to enhance the productive capacities of its human, material, non-material and natural resources.
  2. Establish more effective mechanisms in the maintenance of lasting peace and order to secure and protect the lives, livelihood and properties of the people.
  3. Create an environment where investment, business, trade, commercial activities and tourism potentials would thrive to propel a productive local economy in the context of socio-cultural and historical orientation of the Municipality.
  4. Assess and calibrate periodically work processes and procedures to enhance the delivery of services including the use and adoption of relevant technologies in a manner that is courteous, efficient and economical to the full satisfaction of clients and visitors.
  5. Re-enhance the work skills and re-orient the values and habits of local government employees for improved performance and higher level of productivity in the workplace.
  6. Embark on sustained fund-generation and fund-sourcing efforts to finance the growing needs of the Municipality and to implement cost-savings measures and wise use of its resources.
  7. Implement ways and means to protect its natural environment for the benefit of the present and the next generation of Urbiztondonians.
  8. Reach out and respond to the needs of various sectors most especially the vulnerable ones– the depressed, deprived and the underserved portion of the municipal population, and
  9. Advocate a policy of periodic dialog and consultation with groups which may be affected by development plans and initiatives for purposes of smoother implementation and as a matter of participative governance.


Development Slogan:




  1. Peace, Order and Crime Prevention
  2. Agro-industrial Productivity
  3.  Enhancement of and Support to Social Services
  4.  Disaster Risk Reduction Management
  5.  Environmental Protection and Management
  6. Trade, Investment, Product and Tourism Promotion
  7.  Technology Application in Governance
  8.  Manpower Training, Employment Generation and Sports Development
  9. Historical / Cultural Revival
  10. Infrastructure Build-up and Support Facilities